Version 1.1

I have been completely blown away by the love, kind words, and insightful observations on Twitter over the last week or so. So many people have jumped on to Itch and downloaded Shoot 'n' Loot, and the response has been awesome. I never expected this silly little PbtA knock-off of Borderlands, this one-function send up of video game formats, to be so well-received!

If you've enjoyed playing or reading Shoot 'n' Loot, I would absolutely love it if you could leave a comment or rating on Itch to let me know what works well, what needs improvement, and what awesome stories this short rulebook has helped you created. This past week Shoot 'n' Loot made it onto the Top Physical Games page, which is incredible. A review or comment on the Itch page, or a share on your social media, would go a long way to boost the game's visibility. But no obligation!

I've just uploaded a new version of the game with minor changes to the game text. No mechanical changes, just small edits and fixes.

Version 1.1

  • Fixed up text in the introduction to make it, you know, better English. (Who proofread this thing?? Oh, it was me? Whoops)
  • Moved Weapon Tag 71 to its proper place in the table. (How the heck did that happen? Thanks to W.H. Arthur for pointing that one out)
  • Removed a duplicate Agenda item. (Player safety is essential, and non-negotiable, but having it there twice was a typo, not a statement)
  • Moved the colour blocks over the images out of the InDesign layout and into the image files themselves because it was causing issues with some .pdf previewers and honestly I should have done it that way from the start I am just pathological about never performing edits I can't undo.
  • Basic Moves and Playbooks now appear on the table of contents.
  • The Play Aids file (which has just the Playbooks and Basic Moves page) has been exported at a higher resolution than the main file so it Prints Good. That really only affects that one photo of the army dude on the Basic Moves page but whatever. That's why those 7 pages are almost as large a file as the full book that includes them.

Happy looting!


Shoot n Loot_v1.1.pdf 15 MB
5 days ago
Shoot n Loot_v1.1_Play Aids.pdf 13 MB
5 days ago

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